In the framework of “Equal opportunities for national minorities and disadvantaged groups in realizing cultural rights: richness through diversity” Project  grant was announced for Armenian communities and Kiev region rural communities.

All project communities presented their projects. The aim of the grant is to support Kiev region’s and Armenian local NGOs to carry out initiatives in cultural sphere.

From the projects that were presented from “NGO Center” target communities were chosen 5 projects which will be implemented by the following organizations;

  1. Dilijan-  “Bridge of Hope” NGO, Dilijan branch
  2. Dilijan- “Dilijan Youth Collaboration Center” NGO
  3. Aghavnavank- Dilijan Community Union
  4. Azatan- “Northern region Ezidi Union” NGO
  5. Mets Ayrum- “Center for Community Consolidation and Support” NGO

On November 18 and 20 NGO Center organized a training-consultation for the above mentioned communities on “Project management” as a result of which the projects together with the budgets were finalized.

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