The project ’Cultural Development of Shamiram Community’ has been implemented by ‘Media Shangal’ NGO in Shamiram community, Armenia

This project was implemented in Shamiram village where the majority of population are yezidis, national minority living in Armenia, and was intended to activate cultural life of community and raise the motivation of community members to be involved in everyday life of the community. Shamiram community had a repaired cultural house, but there was a lack of equipment, so it was not generally exploited. Aiming to create the necessary conditions for stable operation of the cultural house, it was mostly renovated: the needed equipment was purchased to organize chess and checkers classes, wrestling gym had been professionally equipped and etc.
According to the community residents: Our community’s Cultural House was built in 1968. It has not been refurbished for a long time and was in very poor conditions. However, during the implementation of the project and in parallel with the project’s activities, about $ 35 million Armenian Drams from the budget of the village were allocated for reconstruction of the Cultural House and the building was completely renovated. Now the Shamiram community has renovated Cultural House, but due to the lack of the professional equipment it almost does not work properly. However, this was not an impediment for our community to preserve national traditions, cultural heritage, as well as to strengthen the mutual communication and collaboration with other neighbor communities. All this would not been possible without the support of the grant project implemented by the ‘Media Shangal’ NGO in the framework of the ‘Equal opportunities for national minorities and disadvantaged groups in realizing cultural rights: Richness through diversity’ project.
On March 28 cultural event was held at the renovated cultural house, which was attended by lots of community members and representatives of neighbor communities. The event was attended by about 400 people. The hall was full and the activities were had to be continued outside, which was very nice. The population of the community expressed their satisfaction and gratefulness for the solution of their problems and for giving them a cultural holiday.

The publication has been produced within the project ‘Equal Opportunities for National Minorities and Disadvantaged Groups in Realizing Cultural Rights: Richness in Diversity’ funded by the European Union under Eastern Partnership Culture Programme and implemented by GURT Resource Centre (Ukraine) in partnership with the Civil Society Partnership Foundation (Republic of Armenia) and Center for NGOs Development (Republic of Armenia) and aimed at developing cultural diversity and support the culture of national minorities through strengthening capacity of local self-government bodies, public authorities, civil society organizations, local culture institutions in communities in Ukraine and Armenia.


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Project is being implemented by GURT Resource Centre together with Civic Development & Partnership Foundation (Armenia) and NGO Center (Armenia) with financial support of European Union