The project has been implemented by ‘’Agricultural Association of Lukashin’’ NGO in Lukashin community

In 2012 when Lukashin community was engaged in the project ‘Equal opportunities for national minorities and disadvantaged groups in realizing cultural rights: Richness through diversity’, the NGOs of the community started participating in the trainings and consultations organized by CDPF and started deal with activation of the cultural life of the community and with disclosing and spreading the culture of national minorities.
Aiming to activate the cultural life of the community the small grant project, was presented by the Agricultural Association of Lukashin. There were many issues in the program which couldn’t be solved during one program that is why it was not accepted by the program implemented organizations.
The working group wasn’t upset. There were taken measures for finding the essential resources for realizing the different parts of the project. As a result 3-4 programs were formed and we applied to different donors.
By the inhabitants own initiative was founded a corner which was covering the values of the community’s history, where were exhibited the history of the community, old inventory and tools, which showed the old history of the community. The two media and environmental youth groups restarted their activities, which were stopped.
The film about national minorities presented the culture and traditions of Yezdi population, which broke the stereotypes formed towards Yezdi population.
During these years the cultural life of the village was improved due to the realized programs. We are cooperating with other organizations. The accomplished work helped to engage the state and local governments in such programs and to have their investments in them.
‘Armenia is the only country where is taught language of Yezidi’s and there is no any discrimination towards the habits and traditions of Yezdi population and there are opportunities for developing the cultural life,’ – Omar Ayibyan, representative of Yezidi community of Lukashin

The publication has been produced within the project ‘Equal Opportunities for National Minorities and Disadvantaged Groups in Realizing Cultural Rights: Richness in Diversity’ funded by the European Union under Eastern Partnership Culture Programme and implemented by GURT Resource Centre (Ukraine) in partnership with the Civil Society Partnership Foundation (Republic of Armenia) and Center for NGOs Development (Republic of Armenia) and aimed at developing cultural diversity and support the culture of national minorities through strengthening capacity of local self-government bodies, public authorities, civil society organizations, local culture institutions in communities in Ukraine and Armenia.


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Project is being implemented by GURT Resource Centre together with Civic Development & Partnership Foundation (Armenia) and NGO Center (Armenia) with financial support of European Union