The project ‘Platform of Creation’ has been implemented by ’Center for Community Mobilization and Support’ in Mets Ayrum community

Community head Sahak Nazaryan once said “I did not believe it is possible to create active cultural life in the community any time soon, nevertheless we have a wonderful group of young talented people who activated cultural life.” These words do not sounds surprising when we look back and see community did not have any cultural facility. After the implementation of the project the community has a functioning active Community Center.
The goal of the project was to promote cultural life in M. Ayrum community ensuring sustainable mechanisms for the development of culture.
First, the cooperation between the NGO community active group and local government led to renovation and equipment of a room that is now a cultural Center. Second, the Center is indeed a gathering place where cultural events initiatives and community fests, library nights, movie screenings, and participation in intercommunity concerts and exhibitions.
One of the greatest achievements of the project is the creation of discovering culturally talented young people. This has been possible due to the dancing and painting classes that started within the project. Since the start, 60 children of M. Ayrum Community attended painting and dance classes. The celebration of community achievements took place in August with more than 50 residents and 30 performers making that day even more special.
Due to the project the children had a chance to participate in intercommunity events and present their painting and dancing groups. Observing the success the Local Government is considering a co-financing opportunity for the project in the 2015 community budget. The parents who were hesitating about sending their children to the classes express readiness to pay for their children’s aesthetic and cultural education and support the classes in any way they can.
‘Being a child of refugee family, I never had the opportunity to express my cultural identity. I have witnessed different generations living in a monotonous way with undiscovered talents fading away. The change that this project brought is a return of cultural memories for older generations and people start seeing dancers, painters and musicians in their children,’ – Oleg Dulgaryan, project coordinator

The publication has been produced within the project ‘Equal Opportunities for National Minorities and Disadvantaged Groups in Realizing Cultural Rights: Richness in Diversity’ funded by the European Union under Eastern Partnership Culture Programme and implemented by GURT Resource Centre (Ukraine) in partnership with the Civil Society Partnership Foundation (Republic of Armenia) and Center for NGOs Development (Republic of Armenia) and aimed at developing cultural diversity and support the culture of national minorities through strengthening capacity of local self-government bodies, public authorities, civil society organizations, local culture institutions in communities in Ukraine and Armenia.


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Project is being implemented by GURT Resource Centre together with Civic Development & Partnership Foundation (Armenia) and NGO Center (Armenia) with financial support of European Union